Editorial Policy

Golden-List.com is a premium web directory focused on providing high-quality, well-categorized listings of business-related websites. For this reason, we have strict editorial guidelines to ensure Golden-List.com remains an authoritative source of quality websites. Here is some insight into our editorial process:

[box type=”info”] We add sites to the directory that we think are strongly value-adds in the internet ecosystem. Most listings on Golden-List.com have been added by one of our editors. Other sites are submitted by general web users and reviewed by our editors for inclusion. [/box]

All listings on Golden-List.com are reviewed by a real, living, human being. We fired all the monkeys ages ago.
Not all sites are accepted on Golden-List.com.

  • We don’t accept sites that promote or engage in illegal activities.
  • We don’t accept pornographic sites.
  • We reserve the right to reject any listing submission for any reason, stated or unstated.
  • We periodically re-review all listings to make sure
    1) they are still functioning, high-quality websites, and
    2) they are still relevant to the category they are placed in.

If you feel that any listing does not meet our strict guidelines, please notify us immediately and we will promptly review it.

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